Neymar thinks it's wrong for Coutinho to join Barcelona

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Posted on: 01/11/18

Coutinho finally left Liverpool to join Barcelona, Günstige Fußballtrikots Für Kinder was loved by the fans and ended months of gossip. Brazil's famous star Coutinho to the Nou Camp to replace the national team teammate Neymar, Neymar in the summer to leave the Catalan team to join Germain to meet the new challenges. Neymar and Coutinho are good friends who grew up with the Brazilian national team, and some reported that Neymar even wanted Coutinho to turn to Germain.

The Spanish website claims that Germain star Neymar believes Coutinho made the wrong decision to leave Liverpool for Barcelona, because he believes the existence of Lionel Messi will make Coutinho uneasy. Coutinho, 25, said at a meeting in Barcelona that Neymar just told him about the positive things about his new club. However, the media claimed Neymar that Messi's presence would have a negative impact on Coutinho, and Messi's rays would once again overwhelm Coutinho. Neymar Trikot Kinder Don't forget beginner, do their own.

Neymar realised he would never win the Golden Globes on the same team as Lionel Messi, so he chose to leave last summer. Coutinho, a Brazilian national team teammate, agreed to join Barcelona and play his role in Barcelona, thinking Coutinho was a wrong decision. However, joining the Nou Camp has become a fact, Neymar only bless their teammates. Coutinho is likely to debut on February 4 in the Catalan Ronia de Bi against the Spaniards. Fußballtrikot Kind mit namen, look forward to this competition.


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